Marjorie Simon Writings-Lola Brooks in Metalsmith

Artist Profile

Lola Brooks. By default or by design, Brooks mirrors aspects of Queen Victoria’s reign, during which contradictions abounded: the culture of death, a certain romanticism, a passion for collecting, and appreciation for the meaning of objects.

(“American Victorian: Lola Brooks” Courtesy of Metalsmith. Volume 37, no.1, pp.36-43.)

Marjorie Simon - Metalsmith - Writings

Feature Article

Reinventing Memory Contemporary Cameos. This ancient jewelry format is being revived today for the exploration of personal narrative, history, and social issues.

(“Reinventing Memory: Contemporary Cameos.” Metalsmith. Volume 37, no. 5, pp. 36-43.)

Marjorie Simon Writings-Sondra Sherman in Metalsmith

Critical Review

Sondra Sherman. They say print is dead, but books live on. And so they do in “Found Subjects,” Sondra Sherman’s engrossing book-themed opus, in which the volumes are repurposed as presentation boxes for jewelry.

(“Sondra Sherman: Found Subjects.” Photo courtesy of Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ Metalsmith. Volume 34, no.5, 2014, pp. 61-62)

Beate Gegenwart catalog essay by Marjorie Simon

Catalogue Essay

Beate Gegenwart. A sort of restlessness animates Beate Gegenwart’s work. A greedy, joyful experimentation with materials and processes in the service of intellectual inquiry about place and identity, dislocation and belonging, people and the spaces between them.

(“Moving Pictures.” Beate Gegenwart. Translating Between the Lines. Exhibition catalogue. 2016, pp. 11-17. The Makers Guild in Wales, Craft in the Bay, WalesMetalsmith.)